I think we would all like to think that no matter which hospital we choose to go to, safety is something we won't have to worry about. But despite their best efforts, all hospitals are not created equal. Since 2021 a company called Leapfrog has released hospital safety ratings twice per year for nearly 3,000 hospitals nationwide. Unfortunately, Iowa ranks near the bottom of safety ratings for U.S. hospitals.

The rankings can be found at HospitalSafetyGrade.org. The rankings are gathered on the basics of medical care like handwashing, entering prescriptions in a computer, and the availability of highly trained nurses. While the grades may seem harsh, hospitals that earn an 'A' grade do a better job at preventing errors and keeping patients safe.

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Only one hospital in Iowa received an 'A' grade. Congratulations to Spencer Hospital in Spencer, Iowa. Six Iowa hospitals received a 'B' grade, and 17 got a grade of 'C' including Unity Point St. Luke's Hospital in Cedar Rapids.

Seven Iowa hospitals were given a grade of 'D' including Mercy Medical Center in Cedar Rapids. Overall, the state of Iowa ranked 44th in the nation in hospital safety, which isn't great, but up one spot from last year's ranking of 45th.

Before you pass judgment on any of the hospitals on the list, make sure and look at their full ratings. There were things that some hospitals did well, and others struggled with. In the end, where you go is personal preference, but these ratings are one more thing to consider before you make your choice.


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