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Imagine wanting a new puppy. You search high and low for breeders who sell the type of dog you want, and you locate one in Iowa. You get your new puppy, and suddenly it gets sick. You spend thousands on medical bills, and after just one week your new puppy tragically dies. The story is real and the buyer of the puppy feels an Iowa breeder is to blame.

The Cedar Rapids Gazette reports that Lauren Stevenson wanted a Maltese papillon mix, or a papitese, puppy. She had another dog of the same breed who was getting up there in age. She searched online and found SE Iowa County Puppies in Lee County, Iowa. Stevenson put down a $250 deposit and waited until the puppy was old enough to leave its mother.

Within hours of picking up the puppy, the Gazette reports the dog began throwing up blood. Stevenson took the puppy to a pet hospital twice. Sadly, the puppy passed away within a week. In a letter to the Gazette Stevenson stated that she is not only heartbroken, but out nearly $8,000 in medical bills for a dog she owned for one day.

Stevenson is blaming the breeder, and the state of Iowa, for not having what is called a puppy lemon law. The Gazette reports that such a law would require breeders to reimburse a buyer if a puppy gets sick or dies from a pre-existing condition. SE Iowa County Puppies claims that the puppy was in good health when he left Iowa, and also states that Stevnson's $1,000 payment was refunded.

The Gazette reports that the dog breeding industry continues to grow with an estimated 1.3 million puppies born in licensed facilities in 2021. However, the Humane Society of the United States is concerned due to minimal regulations. As more people purchase dogs online, puppy transport services have popped up that will drive or fly your new puppy across the country.

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