Thanks to a new video shared by Pubity, the world is now being introduced to the cutest animal to ever grace our planet. Meet the quokka.

A viral video posted to Instagram shows an adorable quokka that appears to be enthralled as it watches an Australian man juggle.

In the short clip, the furry marsupial, also known as a short-tailed scrub wallaby, can be seen hopping closer for a better view of the man's stone tossing tricks.

The quokka watches him intently before reaching out toward the juggling stones as if to say to the man, "Hey, mister, I wanna try!"

Instagram users seem as amazed by the quokka's reaction as the quokka is surprised by his new friend's talented juggling skills. The post has so far garnered over 649,000 likes and 2,851 comments.

"I love the hand gesture the quokka is making as if it could actually grab what the guy is juggling," one user commented.

"It's thinking holy quokkamole that's an amazing trick!" another quipped.

Meanwhile, a third user weighed in with what we are all thinking: "One of the cutest and coolest animals on the planet."

Watch below:

But What Is a Quokka?

According to The Real Word, here are five fast facts about the cutest animal on the planet and why you will never be able to change our minds.

  1. Quokkas are native to a small area of Western Australia. Though small populations exist on the mainland and Bald Island, they live mainly on Rottnest Island.
  2. Quokkas are not afraid of humans. In fact, because they do not have any natural predators, they are the perfect adorable tourist attraction.
  3. Quokkas take great selfies. Again, because they are not afraid of humans and appear to always be smiling, they are camera-ready whenever you are.
  4. Quokkas are famously called "the happiest animal on the planet" and known for their big smile. Non-Aussie residents seem to pronounce the names of these cuties as "kwo-ka," but Aussie locals favor "kwah-ka."
  5. Celebs such as Demi Lovato, Chris Hemsworth and Margot Robbie helped bring tourism to Australia after posing with quokkas. When their pics went viral, many fans wanted to adopt quokkas as pets, but Australian law enforces a hefty fine and possible deportation if tourists are caught touching or feeding the wild animal.

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