Do you want a sure fire way to guarantee that NO work will get done in the KHAK studios? Bring in puppies! Our friends with Last Hope Animal Rescue brought in two 12 week old puppies named Rodger and Val. They are two of nine puppies that were brought in from a farm and are now up for adoption.

The puppies are a lab, heeler mix and are a bit of a handful right now. But what puppy isn't? It was fun to play with these two and to see their different personalities. Rodger was all boy. He was curious and was looking to get into everything! He also became the first dog to poop in the new KHAK studio. Congrats Rodger! Val, on the other hand, was very shy and reserved. She did warm up after a while, but she was more interested in getting some attention than looking around.

These two adorable puppies and their seven brothers and sisters are up for adoption now at Last Hope. They'd love to find a loving home with you!

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