The town square. It's the heart of a small town. They were originally meeting places for city leaders and for the community to get together. Many small towns in Iowa have maintained the tradition of the town square. These are some that you should check out sometime soon!

  • Pella - Pella's town square is surrounded by shops and restaurants for you to enjoy. But the real time to visit is during Pella's annual Tulip Festival in May. That's when you can see over 35,000 tulip blooms in the town square's 26 flower beds.
  • Winterset - It's more than just the birthplace of John Wayne! Winterset Courthouse Historic District is a square surrounded by homes and small businesses. The courthouse and other buildings were designated a National Historic District by the National Park Service in 2015.
  • Williamsburg - This town square is surrounded by brick streets and shops in the style of New England's town square. There are 66 storefronts, a new library and the Williamsburg Historical Society building. On Memorial Day, the city honors fallen veterans with over 250 flags in the square.
  • McGregor - It's not really a square! The center of the city is around Triangle Park. The park is lined with 19th-century shops and restaurants. Stop by during the holidays for Dickens-style Christmas caroling and 1880's street theater re-enactments!
  • Washington - Central Square Park is in historic downtown Washington. The buildings were built between 1850 and 1870. Each of the trees in the park serve as a memorial and were planted by either a family, business or civic organization. The centerpiece of the park is Centennial Fountain.

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