Spring is right around the corner, which means it's time to do little spring cleaning.

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This is usually the time of year when homeowners begin to spruce up their home a bit. Although, since the pandemic hit and so many people have been spending more time at home, many homeowners have already made some major home improvements. When it comes to decorating your home, where you live can play a role in your choice of decorations.

Workshopedia looked at Google shopping trends over the last 12 months to determine what home décor items were being searched the most in each state. They took a list of "45 popular décor items for sale at five major home goods retailers" to find which ones were searched the most in each state. The study found that for Iowa, we love window treatments.

Curtains were searched the most in Iowa. We were one of only two states (the other being South Dakota) who love curtains apparently. Our neighbors to the North, Minnesota, are looking for coat racks, which is very fitting considering the cool temperatures. Our southern neighbor, Missouri, is looking for bar carts. The most popular home décor item so far this year is rugs.


You can see how we compared to other states in the graphic below. What's your favorite home décor item in your home? Share a photo with us in the app!

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