I'm really bummed it wasn't the poop emoji!

This day in age, it's getting pretty impossible to avoid emojis in day-to-day life. I'm not a heavy emoji user, but I will admit that sometimes it seems more genuine to use the laughing face emoji instead of just saying "lol." The laughing face is probably my most-used emoji, which makes me different from the majority of the state of Iowa.

A new survey from the website Decluttr looked at Google data to figure out what the most popular emoji in each state is. The winner for the state of Iowa is the "ok" hand symbol. A little boring, in my opinion, but definitely useful. Here are some of the most popular emojis in surrounding Midwest states:

  • Wisconsin - Poop
  • Missouri - Eggplant
  • Minnesota - Winky face
  • Nebraska - Winky face
  • Illinois - Red "100"
  • South Dakota - Kissy face with a heart

To check out the rest of the results, click HERE.

Do you think they got it right? Share your most-used emoji in the comments!

[Via Decluttr]

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