Is the bedroom being used for reading a book and sleeping?  Or is it being used for some other activities?

Below you can see how much Iowa is searching for sex compared to the rest of the country.

The Most Sex-Savvy States In America


Mattress Next Day did some research to find out what states are the most sex-savvy in the country.  This first part of the list is not where you will find Iowa.  But you will find one of our neighbors.

While New York is the most sex-savvy state in the country, Illinois came in at number 12.  Illinois is the only Midwest state in the top 20.  Apparently we either already know everything we need to know, or we've got other things on our mind.

The Most Searched Sexual Terms

Man wearing white shirt covered by red lipstick kisses

The most searched sexual term is simply “sexual positions”.  So people are looking for ways to spice things up...or are they?

Out of the 1,017,700 searches a month for sexual positions the classic missionary gets 181,670 of them across the US.  Another common search is 69, at 208,710 searches.

However, alongside positions, searches for “erectile dysfunction” regularly appear in the top 10 searches across states, with “libido”, “arousal” and “foreplay” also seeing searches.

The Least Sex-Savvy States In America

Maybe people at the bottom of the list already know everything they need to know about sex.  Or maybe they just give it a try and see what happens.  Maybe that's why they aren't searching for all these different sex terms and positions.  Or maybe, they are prude or just have no reason to search it cause they have no prospects.  Either way, this is where you find Iowa.

50 - West Virginia
49 - Montana
48 - South Dakota
47 - Idaho
46 - Kentucky
45 - Iowa

At least we're not West Virginia.  But there we are sitting at number 45 for the most sex-savvy states in America.  I'm going to continue to think it's because Iowans don't need to search for it and everything across Iowa is hot and steamy already.

If that is not the case, then maybe you need to do some more searching to spice things up.  And hopefully, it's something more than missionary.

If you are thinking you are doing your part for Iowa, then maybe you'd be better off checking out Iowa's most kinky cities.

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