If you're anything like me, you use Google for EVERYTHING. Seriously, anytime I have a question about anything, big or small, I ask Google. It makes my search history a little strange, but I usually get the answers I'm looking for.

AT&T All Home Connections recently used Google Trends to look up the most asked "why do" question in every state in America, and the results were pretty interesting. Here in Iowa, a lot of folks apparently have questions about their cats. The most searched "why do" question in our state is, "why do cats knead?" We're not the only ones, either! Oregon, Kansas, and Kentucky are all searching for the same answers. In case you're wondering, according to Live Science, we don't know for sure why cats knead. However, there are a few hypotheses that you can read about HERE.

The results for other Midwest states are a little bit more humorous  than ours. For example, people in Indiana are searching, "why do my boobs hurt?" In Ohio, residents would like to know, "why do guys have nipples?" To check out the results for all 50 states, click HERE.

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