One of the biggest days of celebration for humans just happens to be the most dangerous day of the year for dogs, and it's coming up soon.

While the 4th of July is a day of fun for most Americans, veterinarians are warning about the dangers the day poses for our four-legged friends. KETV reports that one of the biggest problems this time of year is how dogs react to fireworks and other loud noises. Independence Day is the time of year when most dogs go missing. According to the American Kennel Club, stress and anxiety caused by fireworks and large crowds can make dogs run for it.

dog siesta at park

Nothing is more heartbreaking than losing a family pet. KETV reports that you simply can't predict how your dog will react to loud noises and lots of people. Even if your dog is used to being around crowds, fireworks or other sudden noises can cause them to become overstimulated and panic. So what can you do when your neighborhood sounds like a war zone from all the fireworks? KETV suggests putting your dog in the quietest room in your home. You can play calming music or white noise, or even the TV to help drown out the noise from outside.

Another suggestion is to get your dog's outside exercise done as early as possible before the fireworks and crowds take over. KETV also suggests making sure your dog is wearing a collar and ID tags at all times with current information. Hopefully your beloved pet gets through the 4th of July holiday with as little stress as possible!

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