Even if you've never visited a state, you probably have an idea of it based on a landmark or the climate. Each state, for the most part, has some sort of stereotype attached to it. For example, when non-natives think of Iowa they probably think--corn. The first thing that comes to mind probably wouldn't be the state's largest company, Principal Financial Group.

Some states largest companies are easy to recognize like Walmart in Arkansas (that's where the company started) or Nike in Oregon. But, you most likely didn't realize Iowa's biggest company, Principal Financial Group in Des Moines. As you may have guessed, they are in the insurance and financial services industry. They have offices in 18 countries, according to SimpleMost, but remain based out of Des Moines and manage $619.7 billion in assets! The market value of the company is $15.34 billion.

Wondering how that compares to some of Iowa's neighbors?

Missouri- Express Scripts. According to SimpleMost, this company was featured on the Forbes 500 list, over 69% of its employees are female, and they have a market value of $42.38 billion.

Minnesota- UnitedHealth Group, is valued in the market at $131.27 billion!

Illinois- Kraft Heinz, the food and beverage company, has a market value of $105 billion.

Kansas- Sprint, the company's world headquarters is in the state. Market value at $24.15 billion.

This information was put together by the cloud computing company Broadview. It created a map of the biggest companies in each state based on 2016 Yahoo! Finance data. The data is based on the total dollar value of a company's available shares, according to Simplemost.com. Please note that this information could have recently changed due to fluctuating share value.

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