I noticed while watching 'The Bachelor' last night that Chris is throwing around a phrase that's seldom used on the show. The fact is, that's going to make the ending even tougher for whoever doesn't receive the final rose.

During last night's episode, Arlington, Iowa's Chris Soules told Becca, Whitney, AND Kaitlyn (who he sent home at the end of the episode) that he was falling in love with them. "Love" is a word that the bachelor or bachelorette, depending on the season, v-e-r-y seldom says. Now to be clear, Chris didn't say "I love you." But for the three ladies who remained last night, I'm sure hearing "I'm falling in love with you" meant just as much.

It couldn't have been very comforting for whoever Chris chose in the end to be watching at home last night and see what he was saying to the two other women. I fear that whoever he chose, the long-term outlook may not be great. Hopefully, I'm wrong. In any case, perhaps last night gave us the next Bachelorette. After all, how can you not like Kaitlyn?

You can read Courtlin's review of last night's episode here.

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