I know people all over the country love to hate on the Midwest, but we Midwesterners know that it's a great place to live! I've lived in the Midwest my entire life, and I honestly don't think I could live anywhere else. With my passion for ranch dressing, my use of the word "pop," and my Michigan "accent," I just don't think I'd fit in.

Myles Montplaisir is the man behind the popular social media account You Betcha, which creates hilarious content aimed at folks from the Midwest. Myles was born and raised in Fargo, North Dakota and played football at Minnesota State University Moorhead, so he's no stranger to this region of the country. Some of the most popular You Betcha videos include "Husbands of Target," "Guys in a Small Town Bar," and "Guys With a YETI."

My personal favorite video is one that was just posted this week. It's called "Midwest Bachelor" and it gives ABC's 'The Bachelor' a little Midwest flavor. Featuring Busch Lattes, Casey's Breakfast Pizza, the Detroit Lions, and ice fishing, here is the hilarious video:

Check out more videos from You Betcha on YouTube HERE and Facebook HERE.

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