DUN DUN DUUUUUN! The Bachelor is officially down to the final two ladies! Last night Chris sent home another woman, and his choice may have been surprising to many people who haven't already had the show ruined by spoilers on the internet.


The final three ladies - Whitney, Kaitlyn, and Becca - got to go to Bali with Chris in last night's episode. To be honest, I thought the episode was actually pretty boring. Things are super serious now and there wasn't any of the girl vs. girl drama that we've all come to know and love. The first day went to Kaitlyn, and they spent their time together wandering around the island, playing with monkeys. First of all, Chris got peed on by a monkey, which was truly hilarious. Second, he REALLY should've reconsidered wearing long sleeves on a tropical island. So. Much. Pit. Sweat. Kaitlyn finally admitted to falling in love with Chris, and he invited her to the fantasy suite, which she OF COURSE accepted.

Next up was Whitney, and they spent their day together out on the Indian Ocean. It was less than exciting. Later at dinner, Chris expressed his concerns about Whitney's willingness to move to Arlington and essentially give up her career that she has worked so hard for. She basically said that she is perfectly ok with giving it up and moving to a town of 400 people, which REALLY bugged me. What bothered me even more, is that HE is ok with making her move to his hometown and giving up her entire life for him. I feel like he's being incredibly selfish, and she's being a huge push-over. I really like Whitney, but I think she's just telling him what he wants to hear. If a man asked me to give up my career and move to a tiny town, I would be like, uhhhhhhh no.

And last, but not least, it was time for Becca's date. The show really focused A LOT on Becca finally telling Chris she's a virgin, which was a bit annoying. Didn't we get enough of that with Ashley I.? Being a virgin isn't a bad thing. She accepts his invite up to the fantasy suite, where she lets Chris know what's up, and then they spend the night together. I guess we will never know what ACTUALLY happened that night, but I think we can assume that it wasn't NOTHING.

Chris seemed to have a very difficult time deciding between Kaitlyn and Becca, eventually sending Kaitlyn home. I was pretty bummed about it, actually. Kaitlyn was quirky and funny, and just always seemed to be herself. I assumed she wasn't going to win it all, but I was still sad to see her go.

Next week it's the "Women Tell All" special, with the finale coming up in 2 weeks! What are your thoughts on last night's episode?

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