Hell hath no fury like a reality television viewer who misses their show for life-saving or world-changing information.

It seems like a virtual World War 3 erupts on social media when severe weather coverage pre-empts shows like "Survivor", so with that in mind, one local station is taking steps to avoid stepping on viewers' toes when love is on the line tonight.

With the Iowa Caucuses taking place, KCRG news director Adam Carros tells the Gazette his station is going to be very careful in balancing caucus coverage with the latest episode of "The Bachelor".

To add to the urgency, Iowa native Kelsey Weier is still in the running for Peter Weber's heart and love. Weier along with other contestants is going to be part of a special trip to Costa Rica with Weber tonight.

Much of the caucus coverage,  barring crucial results,  will be carried on subchannel 9.2 so "Bachelor" fans can cheer for Iowa girl Weier or whoever their favorite contestant may be, hopefully uninterrupted. Carros says he has no control when ABC News decides to pre-empt for national coverage, but they will do everything in their power locally to make sure fans know who gets that rose.


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