Concert tickets, commutes, albums, merch - things add up quick when it comes to our favorite artists!

As a radio DJ, it's obvious that I'm a huge music lover. I try to go to concerts as often as I can, and even though I get free tickets sometimes through work, I still spend a whole lot of money on music-related things. If I had to pick an artist that I've spent the most money on, it would have to be Brett Eldredge. I've seen him around 5 times now (I'm starting to lose count), and I've had to drive to Waverly, Des Moines, Fort Madison, and Moline a couple of times to do so. It's always worth it, though! I've never left a show disappointed.

We asked you to share the artists you've spent the most money on on Facebook, and we were pretty impressed! Here are a few of the comments:

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