If you're looking for some extra cash for the holidays or just a chance to become rich quickly, you might want to start considering buying tickets from the Iowa Lottery.

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We've seen so many people in Iowa hit the jackpot in multiple games and win life-changing money. Another person in Eastern Iowa has a six-figure check to cash after hitting the top prize in one of the Iowa Lottery's games.

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Eastern Iowa Man Wins $300,000 Lottery Prize

Hopefully, I'll get to know what it's like to win a lottery prize this big. Congratulations to the latest major Iowa Lottery winner, Ryan Sunderman of Marion.

Iowa Lottery
Iowa Lottery

Ryan won the fifth top prize in the Iowa Lottery's "Premiere" scratch game. He purchased his winning ticket at Kwik Star, 3055 Seventh Ave. in Marion, and claimed his prize Thursday at lottery headquarters in Clive.

Premiere is a $30 scratch game that features 17 top prizes of $300,000, 84 prizes of $30,000, and overall odds of 1 in 2.39. Yes, it's a little more expensive than other scratch-off tickets, but with 12 top prizes left, you already know which scratch-off tickets I'm buying.

$2 Million Ticket Still Unclaimed In Iowa

In Ryan's neck of the woods is a ticket that is worth millions but is still unclaimed.

Over a month has passed since the $2 million-winning Powerball ticket was purchased at Casey’s (403 Stephans St.) in Tiffin. This ticket won in the game’s drawing on Oct. 7 was one of only two tickets nationwide to win a $2 million prize that night by matching the five white balls but missing the red Powerball.

Powerball Jackpot Hits $600 Million, Second-Largest In History
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The winning numbers in the Oct. 7 drawing were: 47-54-57-60-65 and Powerball 19. The Power Play number was 3.

Casey’s received a $2,000 bonus from the Iowa Lottery for selling the $2 million-winning ticket.

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