December 7th, 1941. A day that will live in infamy. Today marks the 79th anniversary on the attack on Pearl Harbor. But I'll be honest. I almost missed it. With everything else the nation is going through in 2020, this December Monday morning almost faded into all the others. I'm glad I saw something online that reminded me of today's importance. But there are some other numbers here in Iowa that are even more concerning.

If you are of a certain age, you'll never forget Pearl Harbor. The marking of December 7th is always something that I remember from year to year. No doubt, next year's 80th anniversary will garner much more media attention.The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor drew the United States into World War 2. Just over 2400 men and women died that December day. It was a surprise attack the ended an age of innocence. Another such date in history if 9/11. That day too featured an attack no one saw coming that cost the U.S. thousands of lives.

The images of both days will haunt our nation forever. The twisted metal of sunken ships. The burning ruble of buildings in New York and Washington D.C. But there is another fight going on now with a foe that isn't going to give up. COVID-19. More Iowans have died from the virus, than Americans died at Pearl Harbor. As of Sunday, 2,682 have passed away due to COVID. The same number of Americans that died in Hawaii that day, pass away each day in this country from the coronavirus.

As you take a moment and reflect on the day that is December 7th, reflect and remember not only those we lost in 1941, but all those we've lost so far in 2020. Infamy, indeed.

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