Every year as mid-January arrives, we ask you to help us salute hospitalized veterans in eastern Iowa. Every year you come through in a massive way, and we're counting on you doing it again in 2023 with our annual Valentines for Vets campaign.

We encourage individuals, families, church groups, and schools to make homemade valentines and deliver them to the KHAK studios by the close of business Tuesday, February 7. The KHAK staff will then deliver them to veterans at the V.A. Hospital in Iowa City ahead of Valentine's Day (February 14) and National Salute to Veteran Patients Week (February 12 through 18).

When you make those valentines, we remind you there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Please do not use glitter! While beautiful, it makes a mess and can be a health hazard if it gets in the wrong place at the hospital. No cards with glitter can be distributed to patients. They have to be tossed out, so please don't use glitter of any kind.
  • Please don't include candy. Many patients aren't allowed to eat it and we don't want to put them at risk, or even tempt them.
  • We also ask that only your first or last name (not both) are written on the valentines.

When your valentines are complete they can be dropped off at:

  • Wild Hogs Saloon & Eatery: 350 Commercial Drive in Walford
  • Billion Automotive of Iowa City: all locations are on Mormon Trek Blvd.
  • KHAK studios: 425 2nd St. SE (4th floor) in Cedar Rapids

You can also mail them to us (please make sure they arrive by February 7):

KHAK Valentines For Vets
425 2nd St. S.E.
4th Floor
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52401

Have fun and be creative. Thanks in advance for the incredible response to this campaign each and every year!

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