It's nice to see owners who really care about their employees and want to give back to them especially during Coronavirus.

Kent Taylor is the founder and CEO of a massive steak house chain in the U.S., Texas Roadhouse. As well know during this time, all restaurants and bars in most states have closed indoor dining and are only allowing carryout or delivery at this time and this includes Texas Roadhouse. Well, that may mean fewer shifts for workers and money which is why Taylor has decided to step up to help.

Taylor has announced that he will be giving up his pay for the rest of the year to pay the "front-line workers" of his restaurants. These workers would be considered the waiters, waitresses, and hostess that are not able to come in to do their jobs at these times. Taylor will forego his pay from March 18th to January 7, 2021.

This will allow some financial stress release for many employees at the Texas Roadhouse franchises. Find more of the story here.

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