This week was a very special edition of Taste Bud Trivia with Brain and Courtlin because it was Courtlin's birthday! In honor of her special day, I treated her with some delicious birthday cake as her punishment for a wrong question (rough, I know). It was a marble cake with frosting, sprinkles, and topped with a cute little pink candle.

Unfortunately, Brain couldn't have any of the treat because let's face it...someone has to endure something they hate in this game. Plus, it's not his birthday. Sooo, I brought him something he absolutely, positively, hands down, HATES --a mushroom. But, hey, at least I topped it with a birthday candle so it wouldn't seem as bad (didn't work). See for yourself in the video below. *We were having some technical difficulties, so some of the video is cut out. Sorry! But you can still listen to the entire segment.

Despite how it may look, I actually didn't come up with this all on my own. Turns out, someone very close to Brain set him up to endure the mushroom. Find out how it all went down (and how Brain found out) in the video below:

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