If you've been missing the crab rangoons from Pei's Mandarin, then today is your lucky day!

Thanks to a new Facebook post, we now know that SuYu Pei, the new Chinese restaurant from the Pei family, will be open today, February 16th. They're not ready to open for dine-in or to unveil their new menu, but they are ready to bring their famous crab rangoons back to the community!

Today beginning at 10:30 a.m., SuYu Pei Asian Eatery will be selling orders of crab rangoons for carry-out. It's $8 per order, and it's CASH ONLY, so come prepared. Each order contains six rangoons and comes with the house sweet & sour sauce. The new crab rangoons should taste just like the ones that Pei's Mandarin used to serve, because the new restaurant is using the exact same recipe!

SuYu Pei will only be offering the rangoons until they sell out, so you'll likely want to get there earlier in the day. They open at 10:30 a.m. at 3200 16th Ave SW in the former China Inn location across from Theisen's.

There's no word yet on when SuYu Pei will officially open their doors, but we're hoping that this new offering is a sign that the answer is SOON! They will continue to do the crab rangoon carry-out each day until that happens. For the latest updates from the new restaurant, you can follow the official SuYu Pei Facebook page HERE.

Pei's Mandarin closed its doors last summer after over 30 years in business, so it's nice to see the legacy live on! A new sports bar called Scores on 33rd has since moved into the old location at 3287 6th St SW in Cedar Rapids. You can read more about that business HERE.

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