One of the cool things that have come out of this day and age of social distancing that we all live in is the spontaneous car cruise. I had one trickle past my home in Marion several weeks ago. I stood out on our porch and waved as car after car drove by with a friendly wave and honk. Tha honk said that we're all in this together. So when I had the opportunity to take part in one this Sunday, I knew I had to do it.

I gassed up and washed the KHAK truck and met all the other vehicles at the Marion High School Sunday morning. To say we had a great turn out would be an understatement! There were cars of all sizes, colors, and ages. There were trucks and motorcycles too. Everyone was welcome to ride along. As our long line of vehicles snaked through numerous Marion neighborhoods, people stood and waved from their porches. They said 'thank you.' It was a real feel-good moment.

If you have the chance to cruise in your community, I highly suggest it. It's one little thing we can do to remind each other that we are in it together!

COVID Car Cruise 2020 in Marion


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