The threat of severe weather is very real across Iowa today. Yes, on Veterans Day.

CBS2 reports there's a tornado threat, especially for the western two-thirds of Iowa and southern two-thirds of that same area where a Tornado Watch is in effect for 42 counties. The watch continues until 6 pm.

The biggest threats for the listening area throughout the day are for very strong winds and heavy rain.

Severe Threat
CBS2 WeatherFIRST Forecast Center

Strong storms in the western and central part of the state are already causing severe thunderstorms and are racing across the area at around 50 miles-per-hour. Just after 3  pm this afternoon, the National Severe Storms Forecast Center issued a Tornado Watch until 9 this evening for all the counties in yellow.

Tornado Watch

Radar at 3:08 this afternoon:


I also asked Justin Roberts of CBS2 if severe weather is uncommon this time of year. His response surprised me: "Although it seems odd to have thunderstorms this time of year, it’s not completely rare and it HAS happened before. 10 years ago tornadoes broke out over the Ames and Woodward area in Central Iowa, causing the Iowa State game to go into a weather delay as fans were evacuated. 40 years ago this week a large tornado outbreak caused damage around the Dunkerton area. Today’s storms will develop quickly and move quickly which gives us a big concern for tornadic development. As these storms move out you’ll notice very strong winds remaining in the area through tomorrow evening. Gusts as much as 40-50 this evening and through the day tomorrow. Stay sky aware!"

Keep an eye on the radar throughout the afternoon here and keep listening for the very latest.

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