The former star of a popular Nickelodeon show is headed to Iowa! Actor Steve Burns will be a guest at Des Moines Con at Hy-Vee Hall this summer!

Steve Burns is best known as the beloved host of Nick Jr.'s Blues Clue's. He was the star of the show from 1996 until 2002 and hosted nearly 100 episodes before passing the torch to his "younger brother" Joe. According to Wikipedia, Steve actually consulted on the casting for the revival of the show, called, Blue's Clues & You!, and even appeared on the premiere. Wikipedia says that Steve "has written and directed several episodes of the new show." In addition to acting, Steve is also a talented musician.

Speaking of Blues Clues, Steve isn't the only star of the show that will be visiting Iowa this summer! The two other hosts of the show will be coming to Des Moines Con, too! Donovan Patton, AKA Joe, and latest host Josh Dela Cruz will also be special guests at the convention. Donovan took over for Steve as the host of Blue's Clues in the year 2002 and continued until 2006, when the show ended. He and Steve helped to introduce Josh when the revival Blue's Clues & You! debuted in 2019.

Some of the other special guests at this year's Des Moines Con include Charlie Cox, the star of Netflix's Daredevil, Steve Cardinas, a former Power Ranger, and Grace Van Dien, who played Chrissy on Stranger Things. You can check out the full lineup for the 2024 event HERE.

Des Moines Con is coming up May 31st through June 2nd. Tickets are on sale now and include weekend passes, one-day tickets, and VIP three-day passes. You can get more information on prices and purchase your tickets online HERE.

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