What's your best bad joke? We want to hear it! (Keep it clean, please!)

It's time for another random holiday! I can't say I'm annoyed with this one, though, because a least we can all get a good laugh out of it. August 16th is apparently National Tell a Joke Day.

In honor of today's holiday, we want to hear your best bad jokes. You know, the kind that make you roll your eyes and chuckle at the same time. Here, I'll start:

Why was the mushroom invited to the party?

Because he was a FUNGI. GET IT? FUN-GUY?!

I know, you're impressed with how hilarious that it. Brain says that his two young daughters have an on-going bad joke, where they just outright lie to him and then say, "June Fools!" or, "August Fools!" April Fools has lasted far too long in his house.

We would love to hear one of your best bad jokes! Leave yours in the comments!

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