I make no secrets about who my favorite NFL team is. I am a Green Bay Packers fan. I have been for decades. I have spoken about my favorite team on the air many times. I have mocked other teams from the NFC North Division many times because let's face it. The Bears Still Suck. But despite a third straight year with 13 wins in the regular season, post-season success had slipped by Green Bay yet again.

Yes, the loss was painful. But I only allowed myself a few minutes of anger and frustration before I moved on. That's the thing about sports. They're just games. Never get too high when your team is on fire, and never get too low when they blow a big game. It has taken several years for me to get to this point. A listener called me out this week for not talking about the Packer loss and only talking about their wins. While that point is NOT true, I thought that I would prove that I can take a good joke by posting some of my favorite memes and jokes floating around after Green Bay's big loss. I have plenty to choose from!



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