Sometimes the only thing that gets us through these trying times we live in is a good laugh. That was the premise when Fred Lehman of Mt. Vernon, Iowa took to Facebook and began posting jokes. Get people through a tough time with a good joke. Now, even though the pandemic has subsided, the now 99-year-old Lehman is still making his fans crack up laughing.

KCRG reports that Lehman began his comedy career at the age of 97. While people were stuck in their homes during the pandemic Lehman would take advantage of the captive audience and post his jokes online to his Facebook page every day. Lehman said that they put up the jokes on the chance that it would help someone get through the day. Lehman wasn't a one-man show. His daughter ran the camera and his wife of 73 years, Marion, appeared by his side. Lehman's posts became a hit.

Lehman's jokes have garnered him well over a thousand followers on Facebook, but his biggest fan was always his wife. KCRG reports that Marion passed away in August of 2020 at the age of 95. But despite that, and the fact the people are no longer quite as isolated, Lehman still posts his jokes on a regular basis. At nearly 100 years old, he reportedly has over 35 minutes of material memorized.

It is people like Fred Lehman that provide perspective and levity to this world we live in today. Sometimes all we need to get through our day is a smile. Thank you, Mr. Lehman.


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