Earlier this year I had my back waxed for the first time. Yes, it hurt, but I would do it again in a heartbeat. My back looked great all summer! But the latest trend in men's grooming has me a bit confused. Guys....why are we shaving our legs?

A new survey found that 33% of men trim their leg hair, with another 15% shaving it off altogether! When did this become a thing? Now if you're an athlete I can see the benefits of shaving your legs. I know that swimmers and runners have been known to do it. Are more men doing this to appear like they're athletes? I'm not sure I can get on the shaved leg train. But here is the real question....do women like it?

Yes, yes they do. The survey found that around HALF of women say they like the look! What do you think? Should guys be shaving their legs?