Sometimes I look at my 35-gallon GARBY cart provided by the City of Cedar Rapids and think to myself, why can't that thing be bigger?!

Here in Cedar Rapids, I wonder if the GARBY and the CURBY (recycling) could literally swap sizes... That's probably not going to work. First off, the swapping of sizes would mean residents would have to have TWO new carts. That's an expensive proposition for the city. However, I think a larger GARBY could definitely be worth exploring, as another eastern Iowa community is doing.

In Burlington, the Hawkeye reports that city residents are being asked if they'd like to switch to 65-gallon carts (they currently use 33-gallon ones).

Our household is just a family of two, but the GARBY is barely big enough for us. Yes, we recycle A LOT, but I can't imagine how tough it is for larger families. Do you go to the trouble of getting tags, for an additional cost? I'm betting the answer is 'No' which just leaves extra garbage sitting in your garage, outside, or somewhere in your house 'til the following week. That is unless you cheat the system with your single neighbor who might have some extra space in their GARBY. Nope, I've never ever done that. However, you could. Besides, it beats stinking garbage sitting around, I suppose. I mean, IF, anyone were to ever even think of doing such a thing.

Is it time to explore a bigger GARBY to match the size of the CURBY (hey, these are the city's name for them, not mine)?

The stats say yes. The Environmental Protection Agency says during an average day each American produces 4.4 pounds of trash. That alone is nearly 31 pounds of garbage per week. Take that times a family of four, and you're at more than 123 pounds of trash a week.

I think it time to "Grow the GARBY!" Please leave your comments below and share with your neighbors to see what their thoughts are. Now, excuse me, I've gotta get my GARBY out. It's garbage day at my house.

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