The family of 92-year-old Barney Hanson is making an effort to show the Eastern Iowa veteran just how much he's appreciated!

One week ago, Fairfax resident Amy Stewart started a campaign to "fill her father’s mailbox with thank-you cards by his February 25 birthday." That's according to KCRG, who reports that Barney is a World War II Navy veteran that lost his wife a couple of years ago. Since then, he spends much of his time alone fixing broken clocks that he finds at thrift stores. The Facebook post reads:

"Our Father has seen and experienced a lot in almost ten decades of life, including raising five children, the passing of our beloved Mother after 62 years of marriage, and the death of his younger brother who was killed in action during the Korean Conflict. Dad has outlived many of his friends and family, including all nine of his siblings. The house is much quieter now and the days are long, but he stays active, has a positive attitude, and maintains his unflappable sense of humor. He is our anchor and our patriarch."

Since the initial post, Barney has received over 100 cards, already more than the 93 the family was hoping for!

Aside from fixing clocks, Barney also enjoys working in his vegetable garden, playing golf, the Iowa Hawkeyes, the Chicago Cubs, and old school country and gospel music. If you would like to wish him a happy birthday or just say "thank you" for his service, here is the mailing address:

Barney Hanson
C/O Greg Stewart
PO Box 8606
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52408-8606

The post adds that "any kind gesture would brighten the day of this veteran sailor, father of five, grandfather, and great grandfather that we love so dearly."

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