Full disclosure. As an adult who occasionally still takes in professional wrestling, I may not be the most credible source on appropriate grown-up behavior. It's "fake" (they prefer to call it "scripted") but guess what? So is most of what you watch on the big and small screen. I fear the loss of loved ones and things like another derecho, but some evil masked man coming to my house with a machete? Nope.

This brings us to this time of year called Halloween, when folks in their 20s, 30s, even 40s, and beyond decide they want to get dressed up in a costume (again, exactly what pro wrestling is, but still) and watch "scary movies" and actually claim to be "scared" by them. Again, each to their own, but if you're like me and this stuff doesn't really faze you, there's an actual term for it now.

Australian scientists released a study on the phenomenon known as "mind-blindness". It's also called "Aphantasia". Essentially it means you have to see it to believe it, which is why the visuals of the horror movies, television shows, and documentaries (which are generally true stories and might increase the fear factor) are more effective than just telling someone a story about it.

The study shows that only about five percent of us are in this boat, which, I take it back, actually does frighten me. If you've ever heard of the phrase "making your skin crawl", that's apparently an actual thing, too. 46 participants (22 with aphantasia and 24 with typical imagery abilities) entered a blackened room, where researchers attached several electrodes to their skin. The lights were shut off and the participants were left alone to view scary imagery. These were stories that started out pleasantly, on a beach or some similar environment but evolved into frightening content. As the stories grew scarier, the participants, who had electrodes attached to their skin, had more adverse physical reactions.

Call it a lack of imagination or a high tolerance for all things horrific, but I won't even believe a scary story if I see it, unless I know going in that it really happened. The scariest thing I am watching right now? The news. Terrifying. Check out some video here of real-life (alleged) haunts in Iowa followed by a list of entertaining, but not scary, Halloween movies.

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