When I was back home visiting my mom in Michigan a few weeks ago, we decided that we would attempt to take both my dog and her puppy for a walk together. Things did not go as planned.

As it turns out, her puppy Fiona is absolutely TERRIFIED of going on walks. We just barely got her off the porch, and then we tried to get her off the lawn, which was totally impossible. She's fine in the backyard and she's fine in the car, but walking through the neighborhood is apparently too much! She's only a few months old, but we're hoping she grows out of it.


On the other hand, my much older dog Charles (on the left) is a big baby when it comes to water. My mom picked up a kiddie pool this week for the pups to play in, but my dog stays far, far away, unless he timidly decides he wants a drink. If you turn on the hose, he cowers behind the garage. And don't even get me STARTED on rainy days...

This got me wondering... are other people's pets afraid of really random things? According to Facebook, the answer is yes! Here are some of the other funny things people's dogs and cats are scared of:

  • Mandy Norton - "The pizza pizzazz timer. Every time it dings done, he runs & hides."
  • Alicia Mast - "Our puppy isn't a fan of peanut butter. I tried to give her some on a spoon once and she just looked at it backed up and started barking at it."
  • Jeanine Allinger Kanellis - "We have 2 German Shepherds - one of them is terrified of windows being opened and/or closed - he sees you moving towards a window and he darts into the garage."
  • Alyson Freeman - "Dayzee is scared of the ceiling fan!"
  • Nicole Meskimen - "We have a mat that is right outside the shower to stand on after a shower, it’s been there for years. My one cat will not walk across the rug, he will look at it, and stare at it like it’s going to attack him, then he will slowly walk around the rug and run into the bathroom, and he will do the same thing on his way out."
  • Shannon Freed - "My puppy is afraid of a cardboard box..."
  • LaRonda Saeugling - "When I have the hiccups... My dog runs and hides from me and shakes like crazy."
  • Danielle Marie Cummings - "Plastic bags... my cat is terrified of plastic bags after putting her head through the handle of one and getting spooked."
  • Melanie Harrison - "My parents' schnoodle absolutely hates the vacuum. They have to put her outside when they vacuum or she tries to attack it."
  • Crystal Ellis - "His own shadow."

Is your dog or cat easily spooked by something totally random? Share your story with us below!

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