Being a pet owner definitely has its ups and downs!

I adopted my dog Tater Tot almost one month ago, and he's a real character. He's a pug and Jack Russell Terrier mix and will be turning 4-years-old in June.


Last night I decided to pick Tater up new food and water bowls. I found some nice stainless steel ones that came with a cute holder. Well, I found out this morning that Tater doesn't like them as much as I do. He was TERRIFIED of the bowls. He barely ate any of his breakfast, so I ended up dumping the rest of his food on the floor. I don't think he's a big fan of the sound the metal makes when it bumps into the holder!

Is your pet afraid of something really random? We asked listeners on Facebook and some of the answers were hilariously ridiculous:

  • Kayla Fiser - "My big brown Great Dane named Rocko is afraid of the sound his retractable leash makes. He is also afraid of bubbles and just about everything else."
Kayla Fiser
  • Erin Conklin Manley - "My husband's sneezing or coughing. It is loud so I think he believes he is getting yelled at."
  • Christine Baker - "I tried to get one of those auto water bowls with the upside down water jug on it. The bubbling sound it made the first time my dog used it was it. He barked at it and refused to come near it again."
  • Jill Silver - "My dog Kavik is scared of the Facebook messenger sound. If it goes off she runs away."
  • Celia McAfee - "Our dog, Stella, doesn't even flinch at thunder or fireworks, but runs scared at the click of opening or closing a 3 ring binder!"
  • Shelley Klimes - "I had a golden retriever when my kids were growing up. He was afraid of a watermelon when we left it on the floor while unloading groceries. His hair would stand up on his neck and he would bark and growl. Happened every time."
  • Chloe Fay Wright - "My little sheltie mix is afraid of windshield wipers and going under bridges on car rides"
Chloe Fay Wright
  • LaRonda Saeugling - "My dog is scared of me when I have the hiccups. I adopted her 10 years ago and she still runs in fear when I get the hiccups."
  • Shirley Girard - "I have a cat that is afraid of green olives."
  • Deanna Miller - "My cat was afraid of the ceiling fan when we first installed it. She did not come out of the basement for a couple of days. When she finally came upstairs she avoided walking under it and she crouched down low on the floor."
  • Christie Franklin Jack - "My puppy is afraid of one headstone at the cemetery we walk at daily. When we walk by it, his fur sticks straight up on his back and he is constantly watching and looking back until it is out of sight."
  • Sarah Bryan Hefel - "Oranges. If you put an orange on the floor he will freak out."
  • Andrea Taylor - "My dog is terrified of shiny floors."
  • Anna Faber Taylor - "Our dog leaves the room when our Alexa talks."
  • Lindsay Plecker - "Tucker is scared of balloons, the vacuum, the broom and he’s also not a fan of big cardboard boxes."
Lindsay Plecker

Is your pet afraid of something strange? Let us know in the comments below!