ome of the dogs we feature on our Furry Friday segments have been through quite the journey. We got to meet Lilly this week. This sweetheart of a dog is around 6 or 7 years old and has survived a lot. Lilly came from a shelter in Indiana and was actually flown to Iowa and Safe Haven of Iowa County through a special program. When she got here, she was very sick and thin.

Safe Haven

She had numerous health issue including an infection that would require surgery. But thanks to the efforts of vets and the wonderful people at Safe Haven, we got a visit from a new very healthy Lilly!


What an amazing difference! Lilly is a boxer mix but they also believe she has a little hound dog in her too because she loves to howl! She needs to be the only pet in your home as she doesn't really get along with other dogs or cats.

Lilly has been through a lot and deserves to live the good life in her forever home! Find out how you can adopt her at Safe Haven of Iowa County. 

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