If you find yourself biting your nails, oversharing on Facebook, or doing some other common annoying habit, science would like to offer you an explanation!

Irritating habits... we ALL have them. Some of them are more common than others. Luckily, science is here to give us the reasoning behind them, so you can see, "See?! It's not my fault!"

  • Biting your nails - This is actually a common trait in perfectionists, along with skin picking and eyelash pulling (guilty!). If you have one of these fidgety habits, it's typically because you get bored easily, which studies show is a sign of a perfectionist.
  • Constantly clearing your throat - People that do this could have a problem called chronic rhinitis, which causes excessive mucus production. Year-round allergies is often the cause of this issue, and it can be resolved with strong anti-allergy meds. It could also be acid reflux, which can also be helped with medication.
  • Oversharing on Facebook - If you often post about your detailed family drama or give graphic descriptions of your medical issues, you might be an over-sharer. The reasoning behind this one is that you get a neurological reward when you talk about yourself and your own life. While only 60% of real life conversations revolve around you, 80% of your social media conversations do.
  • Really loud sneezing - This can be blamed on anatomy. It could have to do with how many muscles your body uses when you sneeze, the size of your trachea, your lung volume, or your abdominal strength.
  • Saying "you know" or "like" a lot - As annoying at it may sound, it's actually not a bad thing. People who use filler words are more thoughtful and take more time to phrase things the right way.

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