Show me the money!

The website Zippia recently published a new article outlining the most common reasons people quit their jobs here in the U.S., and money was, of course, the most popular answer. Other popular answers include unpleasant work environments and bad bosses. 2,000 American workers were questioned for this particular survey, and then the results were broken down by state.

Here in Iowa, money was the top reason people leave their jobs, and it was also the number one answer in Wisconsin and Minnesota. People in South Dakota quit because of a poor work-life balance, Nebraskans leave because they don't have many opportunities for growth, in Illinois they quit because they don't like the work, and folks in Missouri say they leave because of unpleasant work environments.

The survey also revealed that over 40% of workers say would NEVER quit without acquiring another job first, while around 35% will leave if they're unhappy, regardless of if they have another job or not. Impulsively quitting a job isn't as common as you may think, though. 60% of people say they have never impulsively quit a job, although 64% say they've definitely thought about quitting.

The very first "real" job I ever had was at a popular ice cream shop when I was 16, but I ended up quitting after only a year because the store owner was absolutely terrible. That's the only time I've ever left a job because of a boss, though. I've been very lucky to have amazing managers throughout my life so far. All the other jobs I've quit because of money. I'm just thankful I've never been fired (yet)!

Read more on the most popular reasons people in each state quit their jobs HERE.

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