They have no shame.

Scammers are wasting no time preying on derecho victims (which is most of us) so don't let yourself be next.

Justin Hartmann owns a tree company in Florida and is offering his company's service here in Iowa. A nice gesture, until you do some research. According to KCRG, he is being sued by the North Carolina Attorney General's Office, for price gouging during Hurrican Florence in 2018. Avoid working with a company called Canary Tree Service.

His company was charging up to $14,000 for a crew of five to do six hours of work. Another client reported a $9,000 bill.

If you don't have power, working internet or cell service, it can be tough to "do the research" on these companies when you're in a vulnerable situation. But an Iowa Attorney General spokesperson says you need to make sure you know who you are dealing with.

A good clue is that Hartmann is not responding for comment other than to say he would only bill insurance companies and not individuals themselves.

Many of us have been through these situations and know who to trust. As the debris piles up, talk to those people to see what your options are and who is reputable and available to help with the cleanup. A different tree company spokesperson says a $9,000 job is certainly but did concur that Hartmann's company is likely price-gouging.

Meanwhile, if you need supplies, we've heard from area businesses willing and able to help. We also know of several restaurants open to serve if you need a bite to eat.

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