Dogs find their way to shelters for a number of different reasons. Some are strays. Some are rescued from difficult situations. And some, like our new friend Sadie, are owner surrenders. That's when the dogs owner relinquishes ownership of their dog for certain reasons. Maybe they're moving and they can't take the dog with them. Sadie's owners had small children enter the picture and had to make a change. It's a shame they couldn't make it work because Sadie is a sweetheart!

Sadie is a 6-year-old Doberman. She doesn't have the traditional dark coloring but is instead a cool, light brown shade. She is a fairly large dog, so if she does go to a family with kids it's best that they're a bit older. But she made herself right at home in the KHAK studio! She hopped up on my lap on the couch and gave me a kiss and looked out the window. She'll fit right in on your couch at home watching TV! She doesn't get along with cats but does well with other dogs.

Sadie is available for adoption at Dogs Forever in Cedar Rapids. Go and visit her soon. We know you'll fall in love with her just like we did!

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