The Baltimore Ravens are coming to the defense of their All-Pro offensive tackle Marshall Yanda after the former Hawkeye was accused of spitting in a rival player's face.

The incident in question happened in the fourth quarter of last week's game between the Ravens and Cinncinati Bengals. Cincy linebacker Vontaze Burfict tackled Ravens running back Alex Collins and a scuffle broke out. Video from the CBS broadcast of the game appears to show Yanda spit while Burfict was lying on the ground.

There is no denying that Marshall spits. But Burfict doesn't even react to what happened! You can be sure that if an NFL player spits in another's face, there would be hell to pay! Raven's head coach John Harbaugh came to his player's defense as well.

This guy has been playing 11 years and played at the University of Iowa, for whoever wrote that article to make that insinuation, have you ever heard of Marshall Yanda's integrity being attacked or him doing something along those lines his whole career?

Neither Burfict or the Bengals have commented on the issues. Baltimore won the game 24-21.


[via ESPN]

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