You may soon see some familiar scenery in a new television series that just debut on Roku.

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According to, a new television series that was filmed in the Quad Cities just made its debut on Roku. The series is called "The Now". The article describes the series as a comedy consisting of 14 episodes that center around a man named Ed Poole (played by Dave Franco) who’s about to commit suicide when his mom tells him that his brother just died by suicide, like their father who did in the past. Poole realizes that the only thing that makes life worth living is to forget the past and to "live in the now.” Bill Muray even plays a role in the series.

The show was filmed back in November of 2019 and features shots of "Moline, Rock Island, Schwiebert Riverfront Park, and Port Byron." There was even a staged police chase downtown that involved a mock Moline police car. Film crews also transformed the Hyatt House/Hyatt Place into an emergency-room entrance for one of the shoots.

It's cool to see our area highlighted in the film industry. You can see it for yourself on The Roku Channel, in the meantime though you get a sneak peek in the series trailer below:

Did you catch some familiar spots? Pretty cool to see! Speaking of cool, check out some cool facts about the Quad Cities that you probably didn't know in the gallery below.

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