After a long road of opening and then closing and then opening again, this popular Cedar Rapids bar has closed its doors. The Chrome Horse Saloon located off of Blairs Ferry Road appears to be no longer in business.

Let's take it from the top...Chrome Horse Saloon was originally in the NewBo district for over 10 years, but that all changed when spontaneous heating of rags and towels (that likely contained animal fat) caught on fire and set the place ablaze.

After a year of being closed, the restaurant relocated to 1140 Blairs Ferry Road NE. Then, last year, they decided to open another location back in their old NewBo neighborhood last year. Did you get all that?

Photo: Larson

Well, the new, old location in NewBo must be working out perfectly because now it looks like there's no need for the Blairs Ferry store. It has turned into a ghost town, as you can see from the photo.

Alethea Freese

All that's left is a sign on the door that reads...


Alethea Freese

Does this mean the Chrome Horse Saloon is done here? Are they redoing the bar, but keeping the Chrome Horse name? We don't know yet, but it doesn't look like this (whatever it may be) will be open any time soon.

What we do know is that with all of the moving that this Cedar Rapids favorite has done, hopefully now they'll stay put in the area where it all started.