If you've ever had your credit or debit card information stolen from you, it's a frustrating experience. The most likely way the thief got your information? A skimming device. It happened to me, most likely at a gas station pump. Cedar Rapids police are warning citizens of that scam after they found skimming devices at a local convenience store.

According to Cedar Rapids police officials, skimming devices are put on the credit card wiring inside of the gas pump. When the consumer swipes their card to pay for gas, their personal information is stored on the skimmer. The thieves then return and retrieve the device and download your information. They now have access to your bank account.

So how do you know that there is a skimmer on the gas pump you're using? Police say that many gas stations put a piece of tape across the front of the pump where the electronics are housed. If that seal is broken, don't use the pump and report it to the store. Police also suggest you carefully monitor your bank accounts and watch out for any suspicious transactions.


[via Gazette]

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