You won't believe this one. It has to be the most unlikely accident of all time. Thankfully the man survived, and it was the parrot that came to his rescue.

Nebraskan Jeff Morgan is a bird lover. The picture below proves it. It was taken at the Sunken Gardens in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Ok, now to Morgan's very unfortunate accident.

Not only is Morgan a bird lover, but he also likes to bike. According to KETV, Morgan often takes his pet parrot Lucy with him on those bicycle rides. One of his favorite rides is under the moonlight of Fort Kearny State Historical Park, which is southeast of Kearney, Nebraska.

On Friday, September 29, Morgan was on one of those rides when he saw something brown out of the corner of his eye. Then everything went dark. On the ground, Morgan was awakened by his parrot Lucy pecking at him, no doubt trying to wake him up. Parrots are considered to be among the smartest of all birds.

Morgan was able to pick himself up and get to a campsite where he was given a ride home. He later went to the emergency room and is now sporting a very black left eye and plenty of scrapes and bruises.

Reflecting on the accident with the deer, Morgan described it to KETV this way: "It almost sailed right into me it was on a dead full run, I think, because it must have jumped and it literally landed right into me. It's like being struck by lightning, what are the chances of that?"

We're glad both Morgan and Lucy are okay. They may want to stick to rides on horseback from now on.

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