Some of the stories we hear about what has happened to dogs before they're rescued absolutely breaks your heart. Today is one such story, but thanks to Last Hope Animal Rescue this young guy's life looks much brighter.

His name is Sturgill, a young male American Stafford mix that was rescued from Texas where he was being used as a bait dog. The painful truth is his owners were using him as the object of fight training for other dogs. You can see the scars on the poor guy's face where the hair has finally grown in. Unfortunately, a recent x-ray also revealed he also has a bullet in his hindquarters, which doesn't seem to be affecting him adversely.

Sturgill currently has a slight medical issue, so he's not available for adoption just yet. However, he'd love to meet you for when that time comes. Reach out to Last Hope to make that happen. Sturgill is a lover who wanted to climb right into my lap and give me kisses. He'll be looking for a home with no cats or small dogs.

Last Hope will also be doing Pup-O-Grams on Valentines Day Thursday, February 14. For a $25 donation, they'll bring a dog, in costume, to visit your Valentine. Your Valentine will also get flowers and a small gift. Contact Last Hope to learn more.


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