Imagine the feeling of finding your forever home. Settling in and getting used to your new owner, when suddenly they meet someone who doesn't like dogs. That's what happened to Kya. We're not sure who wouldn't love Kya. She's an absolute joy to be around and her infectious energy would win anyone over!

Kya is a pit bull mix and is a strong girl! She needs to go to an active family that can take her on walks and burn off some of that energy! She'd probably do best in a home with older kids, simply because of her size and strength. But don't think she can't be your snuggle buddy too! She loved sitting on the couch with us for a while and sat and took treats like a pro!

Kya is available for adoption through Last Hope Animal Rescue in Cedar Rapids! We really want her to find a great home. One that appreciates Kya for all that she is. An amazing dog and friend!

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