Well, my weekly TV schedule is suddenly very open! Not only did I tune in to the series finale of Game of Thrones last night, but I also watched the THREE HOUR season finale of 'American Idol' on ABC. I thought it was a pretty good show, but three hours was a bit much. Also, why would you not have your 2018 winner sing her latest single (which is currently in the top 40!)? I appreciate that they brought Maddie Poppe out on stage to chat, but they really should've had her sing over some of the other artists. That's just my two cents.

In case you missed the episode, Madison VanDenburg was cut first, leaving Alejandro Aranda and Laine Hardy as the two finalists. After being eliminated last season, Laine Hardy came back and won it all this time around!

Personally, I think Alejandro is the more talented of the two, but Laine is definitely the more mainstream one. He's got the voice, the charm, and the hair, so I'm not surprised by his success. I don't think anyone could argue that he doesn't deserve it. But, I will say that I think it might be better that Alejandro didn't win, that way he's not stuck in a contract and he can continue making the music that he wants to make. He's has something so ridiculously special, I would just hate to see him have to change.

Let's get to the performances, shall we? My number one FAVORITE of the week was Katy Perry's duet with Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon. They sang her song "Unconditionally," and the message of the song paired with the harmonies was enough to make me cry. It was FLAWLESS.

And, of COURSE, I have to mention Alejandro's performance of his original song "Out Loud." This isn't his first time doing it this season, but it gets better every single time. His guitar skills are NUTS. It was one of three original songs he sang last night:

I also want to mention that Alejandro's hometown visit had me all types of emotional:

I was very excited to see country music well-represented last night, especially since it really wasn't over the course of the season. Shout out to Kane Brown and Alyssa Raghu for their collaboration on "Lost in the Middle of Nowhere":

Are you happy with last night's results? Who were your favorite performers? Share your thought in the comments!

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