2016 was a year filled with thrilling concert news and, in Cedar Rapids, another flood. This time it had a very different outcome. Here's a look at the 10 stories you were most interested in this year, in order starting with the 10th most read of the year.

  • Julie James
    Julie James

    Garth Blows The Roof Off Wells Fargo Arena Again

    Garth’s “late” show Friday night went ’til nearly two o’clock Saturday morning. Saturday night, he did it all again but what he and Trisha did in between makes it all the more amazing.

  • Marc Debnam, ThinkStock
    Marc Debnam, ThinkStock

    Vote Now for the Mother-Daughter Duo That Looks Most Alike

    The photo entries for the ‘Mother-Daughter Look-Alikes’ are in! Now we need you to help us decide which duo looks the most alike and will take home the perfect Mother’s Day prize of TWO $500 Siebke Hoyt Jewelers gift cards (one for both mom and daughter!).

  • Ethan Miller, Getty Images
    Ethan Miller, Getty Images

    Cedar Rapids Concert News

    Get ready Cedar Rapids, a party is coming!

  • htwo0, Thinkstock
    htwo0, Thinkstock

    Did You Know Iowa Still Has Five Drive-In Theaters

    Cedar Rapids has had at least four drive-in theaters over the years, but these days you have to drive a little further in Iowa to enjoy a movie out the windshield of your vehicle.

  • Julie James
    Julie James

    Cedar Rapids Restaurant Closing Surprises Everyone

    A northeast side restaurant announced they were closing yesterday with no warning to anyone including employees, it appears.

  • Daniel Boczarski, Getty Images
    Daniel Boczarski, Getty Images

    Garth Returning to Iowa

    It’s been 20 years since Garth Brooks played in the state of Iowa, but that drought ends next month.

  • Courtlin

    Major Flooding Forecast For Cedar Rapids

    The Cedar River in Cedar Rapids is under 10 feet now but torrential rainfall Wednesday night in the river’s basin is creating concerns downstream.

    This was a story that we continually updated during the flood event as forecast crest levels changed for the Cedar River in Cedar Rapids.

  • tobkatrina

    Iowa Surrounded By Creepy Clowns

    Watch out if you plan to travel outside the Iowa state line this Halloween season.

  • Steve 30th Century Bicycle
    Steve 30th Century Bicycle

    Ever Wonder What Those Giant Faces Off I-80 in Iowa City Are? We Have the Answer!

    If you've ever been cruising through Iowa City on eastbound I-80 and noticed three giant heads staring at you off in the distance, you should know that they're actually a work of art!

  • Nate Shaughnessy, Spencer Daily Reporter
    Nate Shaughnessy, Spencer Daily Reporter

    Iowa High School Wrestler Forfeits To Honor Opponent Who Died

    Just days before Christmas, an Iowa high school wrestler collapsed during a match and died hours later. During the school’s first home dual meet since his passing, an opposing wrestler forfeited his match and drew the adoration of everyone in the gym in the process.

    This story went wildly viral early in the year all because of a special young man who realized it's about so much more than sports.

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