Garth's "late" show Friday night went 'til nearly two o'clock Saturday morning. Saturday night, he did it all again but what he and Trisha did in between makes it all the more amazing.

If you arrived at Wells Fargo Arena shortly before doors opened for the early Saturday show you may have heard Garth wrapping up his sound check. It was later than the norm. He had a very good reason. Garth and Trisha, after finishing the second Friday show in the wee hours of Saturday morning, flew to Nashville. You see, a longtime friend had passed away, at the age of 84, and Garth and Trisha weren't about to miss the funeral.

Saturday afternoon they returned to Iowa's capital city and tore through two more incredible concerts. They no doubt had to be tired Saturday night, but you would've never guessed it. The final show ended after two Sunday morning.

I was at the first, amazing show, Saturday night. Garth Brooks continues to be an incredible bundle of energy. Was I actually transformed back to 1994, the last time I'd seen Garth live? Occasionally he'd put his hands on his knees and once said he needed to lose weight. Other than that, this was the same man who once climbed a ladder toward the rafters of arenas. He is still the greatest live performer of, now, two generations. In my mind, there's no comparison. I can't pick a second. Garth is head and shoulders ahead of anyone I've ever seen live, and it's not close.

I'm pretty sure my hearing was damaged inside Wells Fargo Arena Saturday night. Not because the stage sound was overbearingly loud as it is at some concerts. No, this damage was self-induced by the fans. The love of Garth Brooks reached a din that might have registered on the Richter scale. If I lost a little hearing, I made up for it with a night I'll never forget. I shed a couple of tears at the end of the show. I stood there, in amazement, and realized I might never see Garth live again. I've been lucky enough to see him twice and I encourage anyone who hasn't, to go. Somewhere, somehow, some way. Go. You won't be disappointed.

Don't see the video above on mobile? Watch Garth talk to the fans via a live video feed before Friday night's first show.

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