When will the madness end? Oreo cookies were fine the way they were! We don't need the countless new flavor combinations that are being thrown in our direction. Three new flavors are in stores and we got to try one this morning on 'Taste Bud Trivia'. Cherry Cola Oreos. They smelt really weird and the taste? Not what I'm looking for in a cookie! Plus, the pop rocks, which are supposed to act as the carbonation in soda pop, makes the filling feel like toothpaste! I'll stick with my double-stuff Oreos thank you.

The best part about today was that Danielle didn't just bring in the food for us to eat. Since Courtlin was gone she had to stick around and eat it too! Sure, we've had worse things thrown our way than Oreo cookies, but it was fun to see her cringe at the flavor just like we did!

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